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Android YouTube no sound

Android-YouTube-no-sound Android-YouTube-no-sound

I am using a Android phone. Anyone knows the solution? That is, some people have complained that the YouTube app for Android does not work properly. It appears that video playback is alright, but if you can't hear anything, it's not very useful.

You may find hundreds of movies and songs to listen to and watch on YouTube, making the Youtube one of the largest video-sharing websites. YouTube rarely causes problems, but if you encounter it, it may be connected to your computer’s software. YouTube’s lack of audio is one possible problem. Consequently, I’ll be discussing solutions to the “YouTube videos playback without sound” problem today.

Turn off your device and check for YouTube updates.

When an issue arises, you should always try restarting your device first. It’s possible that the problem is only temporary and that restarting the system will solve it. If it doesn’t work, try updating YouTube from the Play Store. Updating your apps regularly is recommended. And you wouldn’t believe how many Android users are stuck on ancient versions of crucial apps. Then, in Play Store, go to your profile and choose to Manage applications & devices. Every app that can be updated should be updated.

Put your mobile device to sleep and then turn it back on.

If adjusting the volume did not work, an issue with the Android operating system may be to blame. This problem might have arisen for you because of a software glitch when switching from headset to speaker volume on your Android device or because the smartphone’s audio system is having trouble activating the sound card for audio playing. Android smartphones can be restarted by holding down the power button for a few seconds and then selecting restart from the menu that shows. It’s possible that restarting your device would fix the issue; after doing so, you can verify this.

Verify your device, browser, and video. Volume

Android-YouTube Android-YouTube

It’s easy to overlook this simple precaution when watching a movie using a device. For some sites, browsers like Chrome even offer a mute button. This means that if there is no audio in a YouTube video, you should first check the video, then the browser, and last the system sound.

Boost or lower the loudness

The Android smartphone you’re using must not be in silent mode. Checking your device’s volume to see if it’s muted Android device, head to the settings menu, then select sound. If that’s the case, try turning up the level (either through the phone’s settings or the volume rocker) and seeing if the video starts playing with sound.

Verify the audio card.

In the event that a video you try to play has no sound, you should first ensure that the computer’s sound card is not malfunctioning. It is possible to use Windows Media Player to play local media files or internet videos from other websites. If these media play without hiccups, it’s safe to assume that your sound card is fine; otherwise, you may need to adjust some additional settings.

Remove any add-ons that aren’t compatible.

Incompatible browser add-ons could be the cause of your YouTube audio problem. To check for warnings, you can switch to private browsing mode. If there are no problems, there could be a problem with a browser extension. That fault extension must be removed if you want to restore normal audio playback.

Flash Player needs to be updated.

To watch videos and other multimedia content, you need a plugin like Adobe Flash Player. You may have an issue with your Flash player if your YouTube videos don’t play sound.

To Surf Anonymously, Switch to Incognito Mode

Problems with sound and other software are typically caused by system settings, perhaps your browser. When a browser malfunction, such as when there is an excessive amount of cache data or another problem with your logged-in account, you may experience problems accessing the site. This may possibly be the reason that videos on YouTube are playing without sound.

Reinstall YouTube

If it wasn’t much help, reinstalling YouTube might help. When YouTube is a preloaded software, you may only be able to remove the most recent update instead of the entire program. In the vast majority of cases, this should fix the issue and restore your sound.

Deleting Internet and App History

Information gathered while surfing the web includes visited pages, sessions, cached data, cookies, and more. Accumulating such information can slow down web navigation and potentially cause issues like the loss of sound on YouTube. How to fix Android youtube no sound problem.

By going to the settings menu of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), selecting “history,” and then “Clear browsing data,” you may get rid of any temporary files or cookies that may be the source of the issue. Then, two tabs will appear, the first of which is the “basic” tab, from which you can clear your cache, cookies, and history.

Problems Playing Audio on YouTube While Using a Mac

Your MacBook’s internal speakers may not be working, leaving you unable to hear the audio from online videos. This frequently occurs with the Chrome browser. It’s possible that if you’re having trouble hearing the audio on YouTube, the issue is not with your browser but with Flash. Keep in mind that any third-party Adobe Flash plugin you install will always be at odds with Chrome’s native Flash support.


It’s frustrating and puzzling when a YouTube video doesn’t have sound. Android youtube no sound, This article will help you solve the problem of YouTube videos not playing sound. You may wonder why the audio on YouTube is malfunctioning and seek solutions. Keep in mind that simple, quick-fix issues, like forgetting to switch on the sound option or setting on your device, may be the root of your YouTube audio troubles.

Complex problems, such as those affecting the program or plugins, may occasionally be at the root of the issue. The good news is that there are a few things you can do if you discover that a YouTube video is missing sound. The device you’re using may have an impact on this. Some of the most typical causes of audio difficulties on YouTube and their solutions are detailed below.


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