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Are mobile phones intrinsically safe?

Are-mobile-phones-intrinsically-safe Are-mobile-phones-intrinsically-safe

You may use your phone with confidence in potentially dangerous environments thanks to intrinsically secure mobile phones, smartphones, and cases. Are mobile phones intrinsically safe? How many times have you dropped your phone onto the floor and been relieved to find it works after a few taps? Our selection of intrinsically safe explosion resistant phones and explosion proof iPhone covers all get the coveted ATEX seal of approval.

For use in potentially dangerous settings, our product catalog includes phones with top-notch functionality that boosts efficiency. The availability of more than 700,000 apps is made possible by the fact that some phones are Google certified or supported (GMS).

In addition, similar to other smartphones, these devices may receive updates wirelessly, known as “Firmware Over The Air” (FOTA). All of our smartphones feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cameras are available as upgrades. The acronym ATEX means “Atmosphere Explosible.”

As a result of the explosive atmosphere present in ATEX regions, extra precautions must be taken with any electrical equipment that may potentially produce an explosion if a spark were to fly. Over the past few years, ATEX mobile phones and cases have become indispensable tools for people working in potentially dangerous environments. Are mobile phones intrinsically safe? Mobile phones have a high potential to cause health problems.

Communication between workers using ATEX-certified smartphones and iPhone cases helps keep workers safe in hazardous conditions. Businesses are saving money and time thanks to the convenience of these phones. The leading provider of inherently safe mobile devices like feature phones, smartphones, and tablets for hazardous environments has expanded its portfolio by purchasing com, a long-established name in the field.

Every type of mobile device, from basic cellphones to smartphones and tablets, has a version designed for usage in tough (industrial) conditions. There are also variants that have received mining, country specific, and radio clearances in addition to global ATEX/IECEx certifications for Zone 1/21, Div. 1, and Zone 2/22, Div. 2.

Displays and enclosures built for industrial use increase security by shielding electronics from dust, water, and vibration, and by preventing accidental activation. Solutions for mobile computing and communication include a wide array of customizable components, service level agreements bundled with digital products and services, and all-encompassing support from knowledgeable staff.

Intangible Goods and Services

A hub for project managers, IT pros, and end users is just one of the digital products and services we offer. Mobile device management encompasses a wide variety of services, such as application engineering advice, customized device pre-configuration, and device commissioning. Users can access their items’ firmware and software remotely and make changes as needed.

In addition, this flexibility allows customers to adapt easily to the evolving needs of their specific applications. Time, money, and resources are all conserved, and the quality of the finished products is kept consistently high across all devices.

Cell Phones Certified for Use in Explosive Atmospheres

Mobile phones certified as intrinsically safe are built to withstand the harsh conditions of a Hazardous Area. In Explosion-Proof zones, mobile phones and “smartphones” will be labeled with certifications such as ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2, Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, IECEx, and more.

Dedicated camera units are being phased out in favor of intrinsically safe cell phones and smartphones. An Intrinsically Safe Camera and a Cell Phone can now be used together, satisfying the need for gadget simplification that many people have.

Android-YouTube Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

Our customers in the oil and gas, manufacturing, field service, and other industries still require an advantage in their Hazardous Areas. Whenever there is a potential for an explosion to occur, businesses in the European Union must comply with Directives to ensure the safety of their personnel. In total, there are two ATEX Directives (one for the manufacturer and one for the user of the equipment)

High Temperature Perfection

With its innovative explosion-proof technology, BARTEC has become an industry standard. First and first, we care about keeping you safe. Thus we hold ourselves to the strictest standards when it comes to the reliability and durability of our products.

The intrinsically safe Pixavi Phone was designed for the most demanding industrial settings throughout the world, meeting all applicable EX standards. The Pixi Phone is the world’s thinnest and lightest Intrinsically Safe smartphone at just 293 grams.

It has the conveniences of a consumer smartphone lightweight, compact design, and large 5.5 inch screen without sacrificing security or durability. The cost of intrinsically safe gear is higher than that of similar non-approved models. Therefore, the cost of equipment is directly related to the cost of getting and keeping such safety certifications current.

However, the opposite is true for the vast majority of unusual or specialized parts. Contrary to popular belief, certified products do not sacrifice performance for increased reliability. These devices use the same components as the uncertified device, but their designs prevent excessive heat production and energy storage in the event of an internal fault.

While working in a potentially dangerous setting, you don’t have to forego the use of gadgets or a means of communication altogether. Hazardous environments are no match for IS phones, as their designs eliminate fire and other safety hazards.

The display is scratch-resistant, works with wet hands or gloves, and the HD video camera is functional on the phone. The device also features high-performance software and a robust lithium-ion battery.

At first, glance, using a mobile phone does not appear to be risky. However, there are times when you shouldn’t activate one until you can be sure it won’t cause any problems. Dangerous and potentially explosive settings are the focus of this discussion.

And you’d be shocked to find out how near they are to us. That would be something like a garage or a petrol station. No cell phone use is permitted in the workplace.

An innocuous phone call or dropped object could begin a chain reaction that ultimately leads to catastrophe. There are companies that focus solely on making inherently safe mobile phones. They have received certification from ATEX (Atmospheres Explosives). Thus they are safe to use in potentially explosive environments like those found in the chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.


Due to advancements in technology, modern smartphones can contain a plethora of useful extras. There is no exemption for intrinsically safe phones. Are mobile phones intrinsically safe? Are they safe if used in an appropriate way? Cameras, LED lamps, GPS, and cloud storage are all included for further security.

These accessories don’t require any other tools to function. For example, there is no requirement to transport an intrinsically safe camera separately; images can be shot using the same smartphone.

Instead of taking a chance by carrying regular cellphones around potentially dangerous regions, it is prudent to make the investment in a secure cell phone. Explosive risks in a variety of settings are discussed in greater detail in the blog intrinsic safe cell phone.


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