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Azure durable functions orchestrator template is missing in VS code

zure durable functions zure durable functions

I'm trying to create an Azure durable function in vs code. I have already configured the required extensions. When I try to create a durable function using the Azure extension, a few templates are missing in the list.

If you are experiencing the issue where the Azure Durable Functions orchestrator template is missing in Visual Studio Code, there could be several reasons for this. Here are some possible explanations and solutions:

Azure Functions Extension Version

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Azure Functions extension installed in Visual Studio Code. Extensions are regularly updated, and a newer version may include improvements, bug fixes, and additional templates.

Function Runtime Version

Check the runtime version of your Azure Functions project. The Durable Functions orchestrator template might be available only for specific runtime versions. Make sure your project targets a version that supports Durable Functions.

Project Type

Verify that you are creating an Azure Functions project that is suitable for Durable Functions. Durable Functions are typically used with a project that supports the “Isolated” or “Premium” plan. Ensure that your project configuration aligns with Durable Functions requirements.


If you are using .NET for your Azure Functions project, ensure that you have the necessary .NET Core SDK installed. Durable Functions may require a specific version of the .NET Core SDK, and having the correct version is essential.

Template Availability

Microsoft frequently updates and adds templates to Azure Functions. It’s possible that the template you are looking for was introduced in a newer version of the Azure Functions extension. Make sure you are checking the latest documentation and release notes for any template additions.

Restart Visual Studio Code

Sometimes, simply restarting Visual Studio Code can help refresh the extensions and templates, making the missing template appear.

Reinstall Extension

If the issue persists, you may consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Azure Functions extension in Visual Studio Code. This can ensure that you have the latest version and all necessary templates.

Check Documentation

Refer to the official Azure Functions documentation and release notes to see if there are any specific requirements or updates related to Durable Functions templates.

Final Word

If, after checking these factors, you still cannot find the Durable Functions orchestrator template, you may want to consult the Azure Functions community forums or GitHub repository for additional assistance. Developers and Microsoft representatives often provide support and solutions to common issues in these forums.


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    Remove this line from settings.json and try again.

    "azureFunctions.projectLanguageModel": 2

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