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Migration failed: Incompatible peer dependencies found

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I have an Angular 10 application and I'm trying to upgrade it by running the following command.

ng update @angular/core@11 @angular/cli@11

I generated this command using this Official Angular Update Guide. But when I run, it gives the following error.

Migration failed: Incompatible peer dependencies found.
Peer dependency warnings when installing dependencies means that those dependencies might not work correctly together.
You can use the '--force' option to ignore incompatible peer dependencies and instead address these warnings later.
See "/private/tmp/ng-BvdOXS/angular-errors.log" for further details.

Why is This Error?

The error message “Migration failed: Incompatible peer dependencies found” typically occurs in the context of a software migration or upgrade, often associated with package or library management systems, such as npm (Node Package Manager) in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Here’s a breakdown of the error message

Migration failed: Indicates that a migration process, which could involve upgrading or updating software components, has encountered an issue and could not be completed successfully.

Incompatible peer dependencies found: Suggests that there are dependencies (libraries or packages) in your project that have conflicting versions or requirements. “Peer dependencies” refer to dependencies that are expected to be installed separately by the user and are not automatically included as part of the package.

To resolve this error, you may need to:

Check Dependency Versions: Review the versions of the dependencies listed in your project configuration or package files to identify any conflicts.

Update Dependencies: Ensure that all your project’s dependencies are updated to versions that are compatible with each other. This may involve updating the versions specified in your project configuration files.

Resolve Version Conflicts: Manually adjust the versions of conflicting dependencies or find alternative packages that are compatible with each other.

Consult Documentation: Refer to the documentation of the specific software or package you are trying to migrate or upgrade. It may provide guidance on handling peer dependency issues.

By addressing version mismatches and ensuring that your project’s dependencies are compatible, you can resolve the “Migration failed: Incompatible peer dependencies found” error.


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    To address the error in you case, try the same command with the added --force option. This approach allows the update process to proceed despite any warnings, ensuring that the necessary dependencies are executed as required. The modified command is as follows.

    sudo ng update @angular/core@11 @angular/cli@11 --force

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