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Package ‘@angular/material’ is not a dependency While upgrade angular material

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I'm using the following version in my Angular project. When try to upgrade angular material library, it gives me the following error. Any help?


Angular CLI: 12.0.5Node: 18.12.1Package Manager: npm 8.19.2Angular: 12.0.5Package Version---------------------------------------------------------@angular-devkit/architect 0.1200.5@angular-devkit/build-angular 12.0.5@angular-devkit/core 12.0.5@angular-devkit/schematics 12.0.5@angular/cdk 12.2.13@angular/material 12.2.13@schematics/angular 12.0.5rxjs 6.6.7typescript 4.2.4


Error: Package '@angular/material' is not a dependency.

Why is This error?

The error “Package ‘@angular/material’ is not a dependency” indicates that, while attempting to upgrade Angular Material, the specified package @angular/material is not recognized as a dependency in the current project.

To resolve this error, consider the following steps

Check Package Name: Confirm that you are using the correct package name for Angular Material, which is @angular/material.

Update Package.json: Verify that @angular/material is listed as a dependency in the project’s package.json file. If it’s not present, add it as a dependency.

Correct Upgrade Command: Ensure that the upgrade command is accurate. It should resemble:

ng update @angular/material

Update Angular CLI: Ensure that the Angular CLI is up-to-date by running:

ng update @angular/cli

Clear Package Cache: If the issue persists, clear the npm package cache by executing:

npm cache clean --force

Afterward, attempt the upgrade again.

By confirming package names, updating dependencies, and using the correct upgrade command, you can address the “Package ‘@angular/material’ is not a dependency” error.


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    Danielle Carline

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    Try following steps in your case to resolve the error.

    Step 1: Remove node_module folder
    Step 2: npm i --force
    Step 3: ng update @angular/material@13 --force

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