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Vault Hashicorp Com Template static Secret Render Interval annotation doesn’t work

Vault Hashicorp Vault Hashicorp

When I patch these annotations in my application pod, vault-agent should come up with specified template configs. These are the hashicope annotations I'm using.

Annotations "true" "update" '<vault-injector-secret-name>' 'approle' 'auth/approle' '/vault/custom/.role-id' '/vault/custom/.secret-id' "/" : "/etc/secrets" "1m" | {<consul template>}

But when I check vault-agent configs, I’m not able to see static_secret_render_interval":"1m" in template_config.

Why is This Error?

The error message “ annotation doesn’t work” suggests an issue with the usage of a specific annotation related to HashiCorp Vault in a Kubernetes environment.

Here’s a breakdown of the key components This indicates that the issue is related to HashiCorp Vault, a tool for managing secrets and protecting sensitive data.

  • template-static-secret-render-interval annotation: This annotation is used in the context of Vault agent templates in Kubernetes. It is likely intended to define how often the agent should render static secrets.

  • Doesn’t work: This implies that the specified annotation is not functioning as expected, and there may be a problem with its usage or interpretation.

To address this issue, you may want to consider the following steps

  1. Documentation Review: Consult the official documentation for HashiCorp Vault and the specific annotations used in Kubernetes. Ensure that you are using the correct syntax and options for the template-static-secret-render-interval annotation.

  2. Version Compatibility: Check the compatibility between the version of HashiCorp Vault you are using and the version of the Vault agent or Kubernetes components. Certain features or annotations may vary between versions.

  3. Annotation Placement: Confirm that the annotation is placed in the correct location within your Kubernetes resource definition (e.g., Deployment, StatefulSet, etc.) where the Vault agent is expected to read and interpret it.

  4. Community or Support Forums: If the issue persists, consider checking community forums or support channels related to HashiCorp Vault and Kubernetes. Others may have encountered similar issues and could provide insights or solutions.

  5. Update Software: Ensure that you are using the latest versions of HashiCorp Vault and any related Kubernetes components. Updating to the latest releases may resolve compatibility issues or bugs.

By reviewing documentation, checking compatibility, verifying annotation placement, and seeking assistance from the community or support channels, you can troubleshoot and resolve the “ annotation doesn’t work” error in the context of HashiCorp Vault and Kubernetes.


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    I resolved this error by updating vault-injector image. Previously I was using 0.11.0 and I updated the tag to 1.2.

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