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What Are the Hidden Features of Android That Most Users Don’t Know About?

Android Hidden Features Android Hidden Features

Android phones have many secrets inside and they can do amazing things. Many people do not know these secrets. They can make your phone do cool stuff and be more fun to use. In this article, we will dive into find out these secrets. At the end of this article, you will learn new ways to use your Android phone. Let us start our journey and find out what these secrets are.

Secret Android Features for Everyday Use

Split Screen Mode

You can run apps side by side on Android! Yep, it truly is break up display mode and it’s a game changer as it does matters right now. Imagine this: you are watching a superb video, however you furthermore may want to talk together with your pal. No sweat! Start via launching the first application. Next, press the square button at the lowest of your device. Now pick the second app you need to cut up screen with. Grab the app (for example, press and hold) and then slide it up or down the display screen. Boom! You are now in the area and juggling each apps like a seasoned. How cool is that?

Smart Lock

A cool aspect referred to as Smart Lock makes sure your smartphone stays open in locations you trust. Imagine no longer having to kind in your secret code or use your finger to get into your phone while you’re chilling at home. How does it try this magic? Well, it is able to tell wherein you are, or even know it’s you by looking at your face or hearing your voice. Sweet, proper? Want to get it operating? Slide into your phone’s Settings. Tap on Security, then poke round until you spot Smart Lock. Now, you get to pick out how your telephone knows it is in a great spot, like your relaxed house. Say you select your pad as the spot. Now, No greater unlocking your phone each time. It simply knows you are safe and continues itself open for you.

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is a cool feature to maintain your phone on simply one app. This enables whilst you hand your phone to a friend and do not need them poking into your stuff. Wanna pin an app? Dive into Settings, hit up Security, and flick on Screen Pinning. Now, pop open the app you wanna maintain on. Hit the square button - this is your recent apps key. Peek at the bottom right, spot a little pin symbol, and deliver it a tap. That app’s stuck there now. Wanna set it free? Press and maintain both the returned and square buttons. It’s unpinned, similar to that!

Android’s Power User Features

noah-erickson Photo by Noah Erickson

Developer Options

There is this secret spot for your phone referred to as Developer Options. It’s not best for the big tech oldsters. Even you and me, the ordinary humans, can dig it. Think about making your phone zip round quicker. That’s proper, with a simple tweak, things on your display screen can move quicker.

Here’s how to discover this magic spot: Open up your smartphone’s Settings. Tap on About Phone. Then, hit Build Number seven times. A pop-up will say, “Welcome to the club, you are a developer now!” Cool, huh?

Head returned to Settings, and you will spot Developer Options chilling there. Dive in, and search for Drawing. That’s wherein you can make the magic appear. Change the animation velocity and watch your phone fly! It’s like giving your smartphone a couple of fast footwear.

Notification Log

Have you ever slid a notification off your screen and then felt sad because you wanted it back? Guess what? Android phones have a mystery diary for all the ones notification. It’s known as Notification Log. Here’s how to discover it: First, press and keep on your phone’s main screen. Look for something known as Widgets and tap on it. Then, search for Settings and pull that on your major display. From there, choose Notification Log. Now you have got a magic button in your screen. Tap it anytime to peek at notification you ignored or misplaced. It’s like a treasure chest of “oops, didn’t suggest to try this” moments!

Find My Phone

When you cannot discover your phone, it feels super bad, like a awful dream. But, if you’ve an Android, there is a cool trick to restoration this mess. It’s referred to as Find My Phone. It enables you find where your smartphone is hiding. Plus, you can even lock your phone or easy all of the stuff off it from another machine. For this to work, your phone and your Google account must be connected. Here’s a way to do it: Head over to android.Com/discover the usage of a different device. Sign in with your Google account. A map pops up showing in where your smartphone is chilling. Not best that, you could lock your phone tight or wipe it clean.


Your Android phone has cool secret stuff. Many folks miss out because they don’t know these tricks. Yet, these bits can make your phone way cooler and more fun to use. We just began talking about them. There’s loads more hidden away. Give these tips a go. You’ll see how they spice up what your phone can do. Get ready to dive deep and find out more. Who knows? You might find something that totally changes how you use your Android. Let’s start this fun hunt for phone treasures!


Q: How do I turn on Split Screen Mode?
A: First, open an app you like. Next, hit the square button. Look for another app you want to use. Then, press and hold that app. Now, move it to share the screen. This way, you can see both apps at the same time.

Q: What is Smart Lock?
A: Your phone stays open without a lock in places you feel safe. It can know where you are, see your face, or hear your voice to do this.

Q: Can I see notifications I’ve swiped away?
A: Yes, use the Notification Log by adding it as a widget on your home screen.

Q: How do I find my lost phone?
A: Use Android’s Find My Phone feature by going to and logging in with your Google account.


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